It’s almost time! We’ve missed hanging with y’all. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I’d like to introduce my boo YourHairsBestFriend

Chereen and I have been friends for nearly a decade. We met when some guys we were dating at the time were roommates. Shout out to Grandino for marrying the perfect woman for me.

We’ve cheered one another on, celebrated successes, and supported one another through tough times. During that time, it became clear that we were aligned regarding how and why women must support one another. To say I admire what Chereen does and the human she is would be an understatement. Over the years, we’ve discussed working on creative projects together, but our timing has always been off…….until now 😏

When she came to me with the idea of popping into her salon to create a hybrid salon/retail experience, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. So, starting 3.3.23, we will return to in-person shopping at YourHairsBestFriend with a curated collection of vintage and luxury merchandise.

YourHairsBestFriend Color Bar is located in Bushwick, BK, at 6 Porter Avenue, near the corner of Porter & Thames.


Can’t wait to see y’all!